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How Do I Calculate How Much Concrete I Need?

ready mix concrete base

We won't bore you with all the in-depth, technical information, so below is the simplest way to calculate how much concrete you need -


There is 0.025 to every inch, so for example if your base was 8" deep it would be

0.025 x 8 = 0.2.

So let's say your garage base is

10m x 4m x 8"

(you would x8 by 0.025 which is 0.2) -

10 x 4 x 0.2 = 8,

so the total amount of ready mix concrete needed is 8m3. Easy right?

There are also plenty of ready mix concrete calculators available online to help work everything out, or you can simply give us a call and a member of the team will help work out how much concrete you need with your measurements.

You aren't required to figure it out yourself. 

The amount of ready mix concrete needed is dependant on many factors but we aim to keep our services as cost-effective as possible. 

Megamix Concrete are keen to work with both big and small projects, providing ready mix concrete solutions for everyone. 

When using a ready mix concrete calculator, your results will often be given in cubic metres (m3).

This is the standard unit of measurement used by those in the ready mix concrete industry. 

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