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How Deep Should A Concrete Base Be?

Depth of a concrete base

The depth of a concrete base depends on many factors such as the weight it will bear, the intended use, soil conditions below and climate. 

Below is a guide on how deep different types of concrete bases should be. 

  • Residential Footings - Typical residential footings are usually around 12" deep

  • Building Foundations - Standard depths for building foundations can range from 24" to 48", again depending on certain factors like structure size and soil type. 

  • Heavy Structures - Heavier structures or simply areas with poor ground/ soil conditions, deeper footings may be necessary. Depths from 48" or more. 

  • Climate Considerations - Areas that are more likely to freeze or be minus, may require deeper footings to prevent frost heaving. 

These are only general guidelines to help you decide what depth is best suited for your base, as mentioned above the actual depth will depend on the specific circumstances of your project. 

If you are unsure about what depth would be suitable, we recommend to consult with a professional engineer or contractor for advice. 

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