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What Concrete Grade Do I Need?

Concrete grades

We understand that deciding what grade of concrete to use can be difficult, and so we created this page as a general guide to help explain some of the most popular concrete mixes. Here at Megamix Concrete we offer a large variety of concrete mixes, all tailored exactly to our clients specifications, whether that be for Commercial or Residential concrete projects. 

C20 Graded Concrete:

  • Strength: 20 Newtons after 28 days.

  • Concrete at this strength is often applied on residential floors and foundations, where the weight of overall structures on the concrete will be lighter. C20 concrete is ideal for residential floor slabs, footings and small commercial structures. 

C25 Graded Concrete:

  • Strength: 25 Newtons after 28 days.

  • C25 concrete is considered medium-strength concrete mix, and multi-purpose that is used on a wide range of Commercial and Residential/ Domestic construction sites. C25 concrete is typically used for constructing sidewalks, residential buildings and light-duty pavements. 

C30 Graded Concrete:

  • Strength: 30 Newtons after 28 days. 

  • The lowest strength of concrete to consider for pathways and roadways on which heavy loads/ vehicles will be driving on regularly - such as yards, farms or HGV slipways. As a stronger mix C30 is very durable and resist climate changes and heavy weathering. 

C35 Graded Concrete: 

  • Strength: 35 Newtons after 28 days. 

  • A structurally strong, heavy use mix that is ideal for Commercial structures and sites that will need to withstand heavy use. It is commonly used for structural piling and creating external slabs and walls. Other uses include commercial slabs, including metal reinforcement and agricultural, construction industry containment area's such as yards and barns. 

C40 Graded Concrete:

  • Strength: 40 Newtons after 28 days. 

  • C40 is one of the strongest grades of concrete that is mostly used on commercial construction sites, where it will be utilised to create foundations and beams for support and roads. C40 concrete is also used in chemically harsh environments where the additional strength can combat and contain acidic and hazardous chemicals - such as farmyard slurry and septic tanks. 

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