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Concrete Pumping

Concrete pumping, Ready mixed concrete is transported from the volumetric wagon to the required destination, using specialist equipment. 

The pumps are designed to handle a wide rang of concrete mixes and can be used for the most awkward, challenging and hard to reach places. 

The advantages of a concrete pump make it a popular option when it comes to ready mix concrete for Commercial and Residential projects. 

Advantages Of A Concrete Pump:

  • Efficiency - Concrete Pumping allows for the quick and efficient placement of concrete in awkward and hard to reach areas such as high-rise areas, tight spaces and areas with restricted access. 

  • Increased Productivity - Concrete Pumping increases the productivity of construction projects by significantly reducing the time required to place concrete. Using a concrete pump, large volumes of concrete can be delivered and placed quickly, helping to speed up construction schedules and meet deadlines. 

  • Reduced Labour Requirements - Concrete Pumping reduces the need for manual labour required for concrete placement, fewer workers are needed to transport and place concrete, reducing the risk of injuries and improving overall site safety.

  • Improved Quality & Consistency - Concrete Pumping allows for better control over the placement of concrete, there-for resulting in improved quality and consistency in the finished project. 

Concrete pumping
Concrete base for home extension
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